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  • Bioclean Aqua Fish Water Conditioner
    Bioclean Aqua Fish is a biological water conditioner for marine as well as fresh water fish cultivation which stabilises pond water conditions for rearing of fishes. Bioclean Aqua Fish enhances biofloc formation and facilitates a robust and efficient water treatment in fish ponds. Bioclean Aqua

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    Bioclean Aqua Fish Water Conditioner

  • Bioclean Aqua Hatchery
    Hatcheries are one of the fragile ecosystems in aquaculture used to cultivate shrimp at the nauplii, zooea and mysis stages, from where they are transferred to on-growing systems to reach maturity. Poor nutrition management and disease pressure are two factors that continually threaten operations

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    Bioclean Aqua Hatchery

  • Bioclean Aqua Plus Probiotics
    Penaeus vannamei are cultured at very high stocking densities of 150/m2 to 400/m2 in pond cultures and controlled recirculated tank cultures. Such intensive culturing systems can degrade water quality and thus require proper environmental conditions for optimum growth and survival.Bioclean Aqua

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    Bioclean Aqua Plus Probiotics

  • Bioclean Aqua Water Conditioner
    Today, major hurdles in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) farming include disease susceptibility, unpredictable weather conditions, and soil and water quality. Bioclean Aqua, is a unique biological water conditioner containing a consortium of specially selected microbes designed to tackle these

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    Bioclean Aqua Water Conditioner

  • Biofloc Probiotic
    Bioflok is our dense probiotic formulation fortified with selective natural and eco-friendly bacteria specifically required for Biofloc fish farming system. It maximizes the productivity of biofloc fish farming activity.The Probiotic bacteria present in our product will do an excellent job in

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    Biofloc Probiotic

  • Biogut Aqua Probiotic Feed
    Biogut Aqua is a probiotic feed, consisting of a diverse array of gut friendly microbes that promote rapid and more efficient digestion of food in aquatic animals. Biogut Aqua improves the digestibility of ingested foods and accelerates nutrient assimilation, thus enhancing the Feed Conversion

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    Biogut Aqua Probiotic Feed

Wastewater Treatment /Bioremediation

  • Bioclean ANB
    Anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment & biodigester systems is increasingly being adopted by several industries due to increasing environmental awareness. This is because biogas is gaining popularity as a renewable source of energy.Bioclean ANB comprises of a concentrated and highly

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    Bioclean ANB

  • Bioclean Fog Microbial Formulation
    Oil pollution posses an increasingly real threat of water and soil contamination around the world. The ability of the oil to cut off oxygen is harmful to the living organisms in water and soil. Oils are particularly tough to degrade because they contain varying amounts of saturated hydrocarbons,

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    Bioclean Fog Microbial Formulation

  • Bioclean Microbial Bioremediation Solution
    Industrial wastewater treatment plants have to keep up with several challenges on a daily basis to ensure that their effluent parameters are in compliance with local and state regulations. Plant capital & operation costs have been found to be significantlyhigher in order to cope with high

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    Bioclean Microbial Bioremediation Solution

  • Bioclean Pond Clarifier
    Lakes and ponds across the country have been marred by untreated effluent and sewage disposal from residential areas and industries alike. This has taken a toll on our freshwater bodies, polluting the water and destroying aquatic life. Chemically treating ponds and lake cleaning in such ways may

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    Bioclean Pond Clarifier

  • Bioclean STP Solution
    Rapid urbanisation has led to a massive burden on sewage treatment units around the world. Despite significant advancement in engineering processes for sewage treatment plants, enough importance has not been given to development of robust bacterial treatment systems for effective sewage secondary

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    Bioclean STP Solution

Organic Cleaning Solutions

  • Dishwash Liquid

    Form : Liquid

    Dilution ratio : 20 – 50ml in 1L water

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    Dishwash Liquid

  • Enzyme Based Urinal Drain Cleaner
    A specially formulated consortium of enzymes that degrades uric acid and organic waste deposits in drain lines and keeps them clear, odour free and unclogged. The non-acidic and non-corrosive action gently cleans and also prevents reverse gases that emanate from urinal drains and nahani traps.All

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    Enzyme Based Urinal Drain Cleaner

  • FlushFree Urinal Spray
    FlushFree ™ Urinal spray effectively controls washroom odours by degrading urine and urine deposits at source, is used as part of the OB Care waterless urinal program. This non corrosive formulation, gives off a pleasant fragrance and is compatible with all urinal types.All OB Care cleaning

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    FlushFree Urinal Spray

  • Hard Surface Stain Remover & Deep Cleaner
    Our Hard Surface Stain Remover & Deep Cleaner is a potent organic formulation with beneficial enzymes that loosens stains and removes them effectively. It is particularly effective on hard water stains and regular use prevents further build up. Its non-corrosive formula protects the surface and

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    Hard Surface Stain Remover & Deep Cleaner

  • Liquid Soap

    Dilution Ratio : ready to Use

    Benefits : Natural, Effective, Eco Friendly, Safe

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    Liquid Soap

  • Natural Degreaser

    Heavy Degreasing : Ready to use

    Regular Degreasing : 50-100ml in 1L water

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    Natural Degreaser

  • Natural Glass Cleaner
    This water-based organic formulation is ideal for all types of glass and helps to remove oil, grease, fingerprint stains and organic residue instantly. Our natural Glass Cleaner can be used for all types of glass mirrors, windows, glass doors, vinyl, laminates, televisions and computer screens and

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    Natural Glass Cleaner

  • Organic Floor Cleaner & Fly Repellent

    General Cleaning : 20ml in 1L water

    Heavy Soiling : 30-50 ml in 1L water

    Concentrate : Spray the Organic Floor Cleaner in Areas with High Incidence of Flies

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    Organic Floor Cleaner & Fly Repellent

  • Organic Kitchen Drain Cleaner
    Our Kitchen Drain Cleaner is an enzyme-based organic formulation for grease trap cleaning that effectively degrades fats, oils and other organic deposits that can clog up kitchen drains. It is highly effective for kitchen drains and grease trap cleaning. Its non-acidic and non-corrosive formula

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    Organic Kitchen Drain Cleaner

  • Organic Multipurpose Cleaner

    Type : Organic

    Feature : Removes Dirt And Dust

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging Type : Can

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    Organic Multipurpose Cleaner

  • Premium Sanitising Liquid Soap

    Dilution Ratio : Ready to Use

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    Premium Sanitising Liquid Soap

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    this organic toilet cleaner is a unique enzymatic formulation utilizing nanobiotechnology which is eco-friendly when compared to other toilet cleaners which use a blend of corrosive chemicals . this unique blend effectively cleans toilets and removes stains giving your ceramics a fresh and

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    Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Washroom Cleaner & Toilet Odor Eliminator
    This Toilet Odor Eliminator and cleaner is a special enzyme-based organic formulation that zaps all unpleasant washroom smells by eliminating them at source. This multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean washroom walls, floors, wash basins, and faucets, toilet bowls and urinals and it can even be

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    Washroom Cleaner & Toilet Odor Eliminator


  • Bio Clean Septic Tank Cleaner
    In most households, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and resorts, poorly maintained septic tanks are likely to wreak havoc if left unchecked. Poor degradation of faecal matter and food waste increases sludge buildup in the septic tanks causing overflowing septic tanks. Inappropriate

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    Bio Clean Septic Tank Cleaner

  • Bioclean Septic Plus Tank Cleaner
    Bioclean Septic Plus is a highly effective septic tank cleaner with consortium of microbes that is capable of degrading both fecal matter and food waste in septic tanks equally efficiently. The unique septic tank enzymatic machinery of the microbes senses the type of organic matter present in the

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    Bioclean Septic Plus Tank Cleaner

Other Products

  • Bioclean Aquarium Natural Fish Tank Cleaner
    Raising fish as pets at home comes with a lot of challenges and worries. Are the tanks clean? Is it time to change the water? How frequently should the water be changed? Is the water clean? Are there harmful germs in the tank? How to clean the fish tank to remove excreta and uneaten food? Each of

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    Bioclean Aquarium Natural Fish Tank Cleaner

  • Bioclean Compost
    The importance of composting has grown in public consciousness in recent years, due to rising awareness about the importance of solid waste management. Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up about 30 percent of what we throw away. Composting this waste will reduce the burden on civic

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    Bioclean Compost

  • Magic Gro Plus Plant Growth Promoter
    Globally, agriculture is challenged due to the increasing demand for food coupled with stagnating crop productivity and climate change. Stagnation in crop productivity is majorly due to the depletion of biological fertility of our soils because of excessive use of chemical inputs.Magic Gro Plus is

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    Magic Gro Plus Plant Growth Promoter

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